Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HappyCat launches with authority

we were not sure how long it would take HappyCat to break into the Madison rescue scene and start saving animals. now we know - about one week. at their inaugural adoption-fair at MadCat this Sunday, they managed to place six of their cats into permanant new homes.

this may not seem like a lot, but this sort of effort repeated week after week adds up to a lot of saved lives. i am ecstatic that Tonja, Sherry, Laurie and all the HappyCatters were able to generate this sort of interest in their very first event. this bodes well for the future of this little program.

we hope they keep it up and we look forward to seeing them with their cats again this Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

in ironic twist, cat saves humans

the cat's name is Oreo and he decided he'd rather save his human companions than watch them die in a fire. after reading a few quotes, we wonder why he would have bothered (though we are glad he did):

Diane Busscher "awoke to hear the family's black cat howling and screeching from the garage, where it spends its nights." - (source)

"To be honest, most of the family doesn't like cats," Jesse Busscher said from a Grandville hotel where his family is staying. "We love it now. This thing is getting some tuna tonight."

ok, the family doesn't like cats so they get one and leave it in the garage at night. as if that wasn't bad enough for poor Oreo, it suddenly bursts into flames. can you imagine what this poor cat must have been thinking? "these people really hate me."

in all the coverage, we get no picture of our hero cat (hence the cookie-shot). we all know if this was a dog, we'd be getting a pic of something other than a burned out house. i have to wonder though, is it possible Oreo started the fire to escape the misery of a cold Michigan garage? the fire department seems to have ruled it out, but i'm not so sure...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

why MadCat does not sell animals - reason #86

'An employee took video that shows a rabbit being neutered, with a dull razor and no anesthesia. The animal kicks its legs in pain.'

i really do hate these kinds of stories, but reality is what it is. there are many pet-stores that claim to serve animals while they build their business on the suffering of creatures like the rabbits in this story. let's hope PetSmart uses its significant corporate power to correct these abuses rather than perpetuating them. i hate to say it, but thanks, PETA!