Friday, August 26, 2011

beastie band blowout bonanza... sale!

dottie has decreed that all madison cats must go back to school in style! beastie bands collars will be buy one, get one half off our monroe street store this weekend.

they come in a ton of cool designs and some even glow in the dark. they're also lightweight, great for kitties who aren't used to wearing collars. stop by and check em out!

annual manual out now!

make sure to grab yer copy of the isthmus this week for the annual manual... dottie's a very grumpy star!

from the bottom of our hearts, madtown, thank you for letting us serve you and your pets for another year. we love you more than lucy loves donuts, and that's a lot.

and hey isthmus, thanks for the party! the double rainbow was just too much, you shouldn't have.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

thanks, madtown

we found out today that we took it home in the isthmus' annual "madison's favorites" polls again this year.

we're honored, humbled and looking forward to another year of serving the cats and dogs of madison and their kickass guardians.

thank you.  we'll see ya at the party....

Monday, August 8, 2011

dchs catapalooza

looking for a cat?

the dane county humane society is hosting their annual catapalooza event over the weekend of august 20.  this year they're beating their own record with the main shelter staying open 29 hours straight for adoptions.  bring coffee and donuts.  kitties love donuts.

on friday august 19 you can meet local behaviorist patricia mcconnell as she gives a talk on cats and what makes them tick.  it's bound to be informative but will it give you the upper hand against their feline trickery? 

Friday, August 5, 2011

trapping proposal for county parks - wtf?

watch your toes, park-lovers. if dane county has its way, you might be seeing fewer animals due to trapping in county parks.

a new proposal would allow trappers to catch raccon, muskrat, mink, otter, beaver, coyote and fox using traps that "shut over paws... squeeze or break the animals neck and back; and traps that will be placed underwater so that the struggling animal will drown."

not to mention that the proposal includes "not only just picnic areas and shelters but diverse and interconnected strands of meadows, prairies, dog parks, golf courses, fields, forests, and wetlands."

this just seems like a bad idea all around. wanna speak up about it? sign the petition or attend the dane county meeting parks and open spaces meeting on monday, august 8.