Saturday, June 25, 2011

remote control mouse madness!

this just in in the "things to annoy your cat" department... we now have remote control mice! need i say more?

lucy madcat is already having a ball with them:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

we got yer fromm right here

now on shelves, straight outta mequon, wi....  it's Fromm!

chicken a la veg and salmon a la veg, in both dog and cat, have been picked up at all three locations.  wisconsin-made, wisconsin-munched.

you wanted it, you got it.  let's take buy local to a whole notha' level.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

get ready for the goose kill

the parks department is going ahead with their promise to use any measure -including killing - to control the "goose problem" in madison. they recently secured a permit to kill 350 geese in four parks -olin-turville, brittingham, goodman and vilas, as well as the wingra creek shoreline.

when? no one seems to know, although it is certain the goose kill will take place within the next few weeks, while the birds are molting and unable to fly away.

makes sense that the board would want to keep the kill under wraps. as ald. mark clear told the isthmus, "it's something i believe should be kept relatively quiet," he says. "crowds of humans wouldn't be conducive to the work the parks department needs to do."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

food glorious food, part 2

they're at it again.  the folks over at nature's variety had a bunch of cat food left-over and were wondering what to do with it.  well, we had two answers for them:  the happy cat club and friends of ferals.

these two local rescues are working hard every day for dane county's cats and they've got mouths to feed.  lots of them.

and we all know how loud hungry cats can get; it's not pretty.  snuggledorf wanted to eat the whole pallet, himself!

so a big thank you to nature's variety and an even bigger thanks to all the people making No Kill happen every day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

willyland update: progress!

roads?  where we're going...we need roads.  and we've got 'em.  (or at least part of one.)

it's the halfway point:  the sidewalks are in, the sod is green and now we've got honest-to-goodness pavement in front of the store.

beginning this week (and as early as tomorrow) the construction will switch to the other side of the street leaving the newly paved lane on our side open for inbound traffic.

how does this affect you?  brearly street parking will not be affected and there will still be parking on willy street (as available) after 7pm.  as always, our little red wagon is ready to roll and our willy street crew is strong, like ox, and ready to schlep wherever you need us to go.

willy lives!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

so this is what democracy looks like?

as if you weren't mad as hell before, this little doozy was slipped into the budget bill. it's a provision says laws prohibiting crimes against animals would not apply to peeps "engaged in bona fide scientific research at an educational or research institution." 

wondering what this has to do with the state's budget? yeah me too.

Friday, June 10, 2011

willyland update: yer lookin' good

here we are in month 2 of willy street construction.  times have been tough but you've been even tougher.  navigating the willy street obstacle course full of giant holes, scary awesome machines, muddy gravel and wet cement takes dedication and we thank you for that.

 we love you.  we just want to hug all of you but we can't cuz that's crazy we can't hug all of you we want to put you in baskets and put bowties on you and put you on rainbows:

thank you for taking this epic red wagon journey with us.  you're the best.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

vote!!! or gabby will jump!

it's "madison's favorites" time, gang.  now is your chance to speak your mind and vote with your heart (stomach) for all those things that make madison the bastion of pleasure and delight that it is (hint hint).

voting starts now and continues through june 26th with the winners announced at the isthmus party on august 20th.

remember to fill in at least 20 categories or your ballot won't count!  (but come on, 20?  that's easy.  just name the last 20 businesses you frequented and you're good.)

ok, ready?  vote here!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

it's gettin' hot in herr

it's 95 degrees in madtown. even with the a/c blasting the cats are too hot to move. maybe a dip in the sink will help....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

kittens kittens kittens!

lookin for kittens? our adoption fairs have been full of em lately!

dcfof has their usual adoption fairs saturdays at our store on mineral point road. and happycat is bringing their fosters by tomorrow from 1-4.

stop on by!