Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy halloween, madtown!

dressing up?  some haters think that hoomans should have all the fun. others respectfully disagree.  should pugs be dressed up as yoda?  should the earth really revolve around the sun?

whether you're getting freaky at madtown's favorite party,  being scared out of yer butts at dchs' haunted woods trail, or doin some gud ol fashioned pumpkin carving, just don't forget to git yer treat on.

Friday, October 7, 2011

now in stock: playa pup heated beds....because we live in wisconsin

it's been gorgeous this week but the warm weather won't last forever.

when kitty gets cold we've got the goods to keep her cozy, playapup heated bed warmers.  these bad boys feature pressure-sensitive, automatic on/off switch, an ideal body temp of 102 degrees, machine-washable fleece cover and chew resistant cord.

put one in your pet's favorite bed or use on its own.  lucy's rump-approved.