Saturday, September 10, 2011

monroe street festival, willy street fair, deals deals deals!

clear your calendar, folks.  the weekend of Sept. 17/18 is MadCatstravaganza with events taking place at all 3 locations.

first up is the Monroe Street Festival on Saturday.  look for sidewalk sales, kids' events, and music up and down the street.  MadCat on Monroe will be hosting the Happy Cat Club for a special adoption fair and sale on all treats, toys and cat trees.

next is the Willy Street Fair featuring live music on Saturday evening and a whole day of awesomeness on Sunday.  make sure you get to the parade - it's a madison classic.  in honor of the neighborhood and the near-end of roadwork all toys, treats and cat trees will be 15% off all weekend.

and over at our West Side store we'll have the Dane Country Friends of Ferals adoption fair on Saturday, the Happy Cat Club on Sunday, and a 15% off cat tree special all weekend.

hope to see you here, there, or somewhere in between.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

get all Twitched out

the FroliCat elves have crafted yet another motorized gadget toy for your kittehs.  basically it's a teaser on a mechanical arm that can suction onto any flat surface and dangles a toy over the edge.

find the right spot and the results can be entertaining.  twenty bucks - available at any Madcat location.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"The Animals Film" tonight on WYOU + message from Anne

hey folks.  Anne Emerson is a friendly local animal activist and she has a few things she wants you to know.  we have only edited the following by cleaning up links and violating your sense of where capital letters belong.  that being said, she is worth listening to and we support the work she does with Alliance for Animals as well as other animal advocacy work here in Madison.

the main news it that part 2 of Victor Schonfeld's "The Animals Film" will be shown tonight at 10pm (Sept 1st) on WYOU.   at 11pm you can check out "Beyond the Cage" - an Australian documentary.  hit the "Read more..." thing to, more?

labor day hours - we'll be here

 we will be open on labor day, monday sept. 5, from 10am-4pm for all of your fuzzy one's needs.  

stop on in, grab some grub, and give ol' lucy a big belly rub.  

happy labor day.