Thursday, September 1, 2011

"The Animals Film" tonight on WYOU + message from Anne

hey folks.  Anne Emerson is a friendly local animal activist and she has a few things she wants you to know.  we have only edited the following by cleaning up links and violating your sense of where capital letters belong.  that being said, she is worth listening to and we support the work she does with Alliance for Animals as well as other animal advocacy work here in Madison.

the main news it that part 2 of Victor Schonfeld's "The Animals Film" will be shown tonight at 10pm (Sept 1st) on WYOU.   at 11pm you can check out "Beyond the Cage" - an Australian documentary.  hit the "Read more..." thing to, more?

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here's a 3:49 min trailer of the Animal Film and a 6:19 min clip.  read what Julie Christie wrote in 2008 in the Guardian and what Victor Schonfeld wrote when it was re-released.  also 2 excellent conversations on BBC: Animals & Us-Dec 31 2009 and Victor Schonfeld's personal view - Jan 7, 2010

from the July 5, 2007 article - "The Animals Film, a chilling documentary about the abuse of animals, caused shockwaves when it was shown by Channel 4 at its launch 25 years ago. As the movie is re-released, its maker Victor Schonfeld relives the horrors that inspired his work - and wonders if TV would have the guts to show it today."

We know the answer to that. Those who exploit animals have managed to keep the public "in the dark". Our own "progressive" community experiments on 9,000+ monkeys annually, yet the community remains unaware of this, just as they have been kept in the dark about trapping allowed in our county parks and natural resource areas.  And factory farming, the killing of the 210 Canada geese....The public also doesn't know that there are superior 21st century human based methods available to advance science without harming animals and humans. There is plenty of evidence of the irrelevance and cruelty to animals yet our media continues to ignore this abuse. Their remaining silent allows this to continue. And those who profit from their exploitation of animals have the protection of the legal system! And now the UW slipped a provision into the Budget Bill that exempts animal researchers from WI State anti-cruelty laws!

there is so much going on while we are overwhelmed in very sad political and social state of affairs. please don't forget the animals who have no voice. check out and often for updates.

please sign our petitions against trapping & against killing the geese & and ask others to sign also.

for more information, read Shawn Doherty's article and 2 excellent letters from Dr Nedim Buyukmihci (he spoke in the documentary "Cull of the Wild-the Truth About Trapping") to the Dane County Park Commissioners & to County Executive Joe Parisi, as well as a letter from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

politely email the DaneCounty Park Commission, stating your reasons for being against the trapping in Dane County parks and also Dane County Supervisors Kyle Richmond, David Ripp, Robin Schmidt, Carousel Bayrd, Melissa Sargent and Patrick Downing.

politely email County Executive Joe Parisi. even better would be to mail him a letter with your reasons against trapping and ask him to take a stand against this cruelty (Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, City County Bldg, Rm 421, 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Madison, WI 53703).

watch "Cull of the Wild, the Truth About Trapping", a 27min documentary with testimony from wildlife officers, trappers, wildlife biologists and Prof of Veterinary Medicine, Nedim Buyukmihci & members of Congress such as US Representative Peter DeFazio & US Senator Bob Smith (NH)

please please watch.  it's disturbing.  why do we allow this to happen to innocent creatures?  many people have told me they cannot forget the screams of the animals that they heard being trapped. the Parks Commission will hold a meeting in October, which will be important to attend. no date has yet been set.

there are no "humane" traps.  leghold traps are banned in 88 countries and as Linda Wolfe, from Born Free USA, wrote in her letter to the Capital Times. the link in the letter to the 4 min video of recent 2011 undercover footage is here (should have been .org, not .com).  check out the related links for more information on their webpage.

please read:  Taxpayers subsidizing wild life extermination program, probe shows by Mary Lou Simms. this is a good overview of the national problem. Madison seems to have fallen into line with the least progressive or enlightened communities .....   much more ... with many details the public is unaware of.

please help, however you can.

thank you.