Saturday, April 5, 2008

MadCat recalls Tuffies Pet Toys

we received information this morning from an ex-MadCatter on the West Coast that there was a problem with a line of toys called Tuffies. we carry these toys. it appeared that many of their them were testing at well-above the "acceptable" levels of lead, 600 parts-per-million in this case (is 500 ppm really good?).

Pet Food Express is a California retailer that gained a great deal of respect for how they handled the 2007 pet-food recall. they commissioned these tests independant of the manufacturer, although they did not state why these toys were tested. they have since published the data and recalled the toys. they are offering returns or excahanges for any clients who had purchased them in the past.

at MadCat we take the health and well-being of our companions seriously. PFX points out that "(a)lthough we have neither received nor heard any reports of injury associated with Tuffies toys, we do not want to allow even a small risk and have decided to recall their products." we're with them. we have stopped selling Tuffie's toys effective-immediately and will honor any return or exchange resulting from this recall.

Tuffie's (VIP Products) "has done their own tests and maintains that their toys pose no risk to pets or children. They also remind consumers that all of the toys state on their label that this toy is for interactive play and should not be ingested." that's not quite good enough for us.

we'll update you with more info on this if we receive any. thank you for taking the time to get informed...

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