Thursday, September 11, 2008

MIT, CPR, the FBI and your cat

well, okay.  the FBI doesn't have much to do with today's tidbits, but the other two are relevant.

MIT is to become the first college in Mass to allow felines on campus (in the dorms).  they were chosen over dogs because, "they don't need to be walked, don't bark, and can better fend for themselves while students are in class."  you don't need to go to MIT to figure that out.

the other story is also out of Massachusetts (TGFspellcheck).  firefighter and general superhero Al Machado gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an angora cat and saved its furry little life.  he pulled it out of a burning second-story apartment - " really needed air and it couldn't wait."  apparently, there is video.

gold-star for you, Mr. Machado!

* update *

as you can expect, this firefighter is becoming something of a celebrity.  and now we get the kittie's name - Kiki...

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