Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cats help hearts

having lived with cats my entire life i've always been under the impression that cats make everything better. have a cold? cuddle a kitty! lose a sock? cuddle a kitty! get scratched? just get back on the bike and cuddle that kitty!

well it turns out i am right, well at least when it comes to heart attacks. a university of minnesota (shout-out to my homies!) study has concluded that owning a cat can reduce stress and help prevent heart attacks. what i find most interesting is that they are unsure yet if it is the actual cat-ownership or the personality of the owne that is the key. interesting. more fodder for the cats vs. dogs people.

"If we assume that cat ownership is directly responsible for the benefits, then the most logical explanation may be that cat ownership may relieve stress and anxiety and subsequently reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases."


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