Thursday, October 23, 2008

onion story has me all red in the face

while perusing the onion archives the other day i stumbled across this humorous story that made me really embarrassed. its about those commercials that use cute talking animals in their adds to sell stuff and how much people love them. me! i know it's all a carefully master-minded manipulation of my maternal instincts but i just can't ignore how cute they are. talking cats will always put a smile on my face. isn't that part of the reason why lol cats are so popular? who doesn't love talking cats? well, as long as i never phone my sister to discuss a cat littler commercial i think i'll be alright.

"Dale, who missed a majority of the 30-second spot, managed to race back to the living room in time to see the cat's owner hold out a bag of Fresh Step cat litter, to which the sass-talking feline responded, "Meow you're talking!"


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