Tuesday, March 24, 2009

be prepared!

it's pouring outside so we figured today would be a perfect opportunity to talk emergency preparedness. as we learned from katrina and the iowa and wisconsin floods of last summer, one can never be too prepared for a natural disaster - especially when it comes to your pets. the cat fanciers association has put together a disaster preparedness guide with good tips on readying your furr family for a possible evacuation. always have food, water, litter and carriers ready to go should you have to make a quick escape. another good tip is to work on training your cat to respond to a certain command, like "crate up", to get them to go straight into their carrier. a lot of time, patience and treats will be necessary but the reward is avoiding a stressful search and seizure for kitty and you.

first aid kits are another good idea for everyday situations, like when your cat becomes too curious and ends up stung by a bee or gets a scrape climbing up a tree.

as always, live by the boy scout motto and beeeeee prepared!

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