Wednesday, March 18, 2009

be smudged!

good news! our happy cat, gus, was adopted yesterday and went home to meet his new furrbrother. as always, we wish him and his new family the best of luck in their new life together.

now, let me introduce to you a spry little guy named smudge! he is a young adult and has the energy of a mountain dew-fueled teenager. if you remember ping, smudge is a lot like him. maybe a long-lost brother? catnip and squeaker mice have him running around like a nut, but also enjoys curling up next to us for a good cuddle. if you are interested in meeting smudge check just pop into the monroe st. store or go to happy cats webpage for more info.

in other news, we caught triple m's morning show, jonathan & kitty, today....and we were super surprised to hear our little old blog being mentioned. once we got over the inital shock, we were pleased to find out that jonathan's own kitty, baxter, follows us! he also made amends regarding the incident from last week and wrote a lovely note in the comments section. we want jonathan to know that we appreciate his taking the time to clear the air and recognizing that cats are a big part of our lives, they're furry family members. plus, he made a pretty cute video of his cat-love over on his own blog - he must know we're a sucker for kitty vids. oh, and by the way, nice cat tree!

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