Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fiv and keely

feline immunodeficiency virus, or feline aids, is a virus affecting cats and only cats (it can not be spread to humans or dogs). it is spread through saliva, via deep-bite wounds, and is most prominent in feral populations where un-neutered males are prone to fighting. cats infected with the virus can live long and happy lives but are more susceptible to illness. they must be kept indoors, have regular vet check-ups and be fed a high-quality diet.

cats with fiv are classified as having special needs and are often over-looked at shelters. if you think you can open your heart and your home to kitty with fiv please check out miss keely. she is a gorgeous, medium-haired, tuxedo-sporting princess looking for her forever home. for more information on adopting cats, with or without special needs, contact the happy cat club of madison.

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