Monday, March 9, 2009

a happy cat challenge!

thinking about adopting a new cat or kitten? great! cats of all ages are always needing to find good homes and people to love them. however, we'd like to challenge you to open your heart even wider and consider a special needs cat or an elderly cat. these kitties have just as much love to give but their lives have been tough and they need your love even more. fiv, diabetes, heart conditions - nobody is lining up to adopt cats afflicted with these problems. many spend years in foster care waiting on a home while the less fortunate are killed to make space available for "adoptable" cats. for a community to go no kill, these cats need to be saved.

from dr. peak of happy cat club:
"anyone can adopt a healthy, young kitten. but who is going to be bold enough to adopt a harder to place animal? make a statement to support a no kill madison and adopt a harder to place (or twice special) pet - then brag about it to everyone you know!! make it the new cool thing to do."

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