Thursday, March 26, 2009

i can 2 wryte blogz post now, kthx bai

thanks to feline underground reader, kathryn, for finding this i can haz cheeseburger pic that resembles our very own madcat logo kitty. gotta love those crazy eyes!

if you want to learn to write like the silly kitties over at lolcats just head on over to lolspeak. they'll get you started on goofy sentence structuring and have you speaking in lols in no time. just remember to switch back to regular, old english if you have to do anything important, like visit the pope or something.

and for those of you who have a fondness in your hearts for peanut-loving, corn-munching tom-foolery i suggest you head over to lolsquirrels and check out the hilarious things they're coming up with. silly squirdels are even funnier with sayings.

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