Sunday, April 12, 2009

giving up on breeders

if you didn't already know, vp joe biden purchased a german shepherd puppy from a breeder a few months ago. now that breeder has been inundated with criticism and she's not too pleased. well we're not happy that millions of animals are put to death each year, either. look up the statistics of your local animal shelter and then ask yourself why anyone would still want to breed their dog or cat after seeing those numbers. apparently iams hasn't done that, because they're pretty excited about their cat breed selector and want you to find your "dream cat." it's too bad their preference chart doesn't even bother with adoption as an option. i guess those cats will never be elevated to "dream cat" status.

basically, we think it's time to stop breeding. here's a good, basic article for anyone who's ever thought of giving the old mating game a try. if that one doesn't convince you, maybe this will. *warning - you will need a tissue.

"don't breed or buy while shelter animals die"

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