Tuesday, April 7, 2009

rescue goes global

while we like to focus on and encourage rescue in our own neck of the woods today we want to report on the growing movement around the world. international agencies focused on human relief, like, doctors without borders and the red cross have worked tirelessly for decades to help people in economically depressed countries. now we're seeing that compassion and spirit starting to be directed at the world's companion animals through similar progams, like, vets without borders. even in lesser developed nations, like nicaragua, there are organizations developed to help not only people, but also cats, dogs and horses. in a place where someone might worry about having enough money or food to make it to next week the idea of paying to spay or neuter their own animals is genereally out of the question. casa lupita, the animal-based front of building new hope is trying to do just that. the rooftop cats and street dogs of granada are receiving a helping hand from this group that supports trap-neuter-release and provides food and medical care for the city's animals. the change may be slow-moving but it's happening.

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