Thursday, May 21, 2009

cat worship and fun facts!

here's a new word for ya, ailurophile. it doesn't necessarily roll off the tongue like canophile, but it means one who loves, is preoccupied by, or worships cats. obviously if you're reading this right now, at least part of your heart is an ailurophile.

we are obvious cat worshippers at madcat. everything we do is focused on making our feline companions (deities?) happy, healthy and feeling like the gods they were held as by the egyptians. in fact, the people of ancient egypt are thought to be the first to ever be lucky enough to coexist with cats. upon quickly recognizing their other-worldly behaviors and abilities and noticing their granaries becoming rodent-free the people elevated the cat to goddess status, thus, the cult of bastet was founded. in fact, cats were so revered that they were given the ceremonial burial of mummification, as offerings to bastet. to read up more on the fascinating history of the lapcats we know and love today, check out this article on wikipedia.

now, here's a list of reasons why cats rule and deserve our praises:

- the ridged pattern on a cat's nose is as individual as a human thumbprint
- sir isaac newton invented the cat flap
- cats have existed longer than humans
- cats can jump 5-times their height
- cats have the largest eyes in proportion to their body size of all mammals
- the domestic cat is the only species of cat that can hold its tail upright while walking

and, perhaps this last one is evidence that cats might just be aliens after all...
- cats are the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the bible

so go home tonight and give your kitty some extra praise. who knows? their mother ship might be on its way right now....


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