Thursday, May 28, 2009

me want food!

you know how they say people and their animals tend to look alike? well, as our nation's number of obese continue to rise, so does that of our cats. in this cornell study on feline obesity finds that nearly 25% of the 2,000 cats tested were more than just over weight. this is a frightening number considering that cats who are even a few pounds above normal weight are at a higher risk for diabetes, joint issues, hepatic lipidosis and a range of other chronic conditions.

an interesting part of the article linked carb-heavy presciption diets to obesity, giving proof to what we've been saying all along, that carbohydrate-rich foods are not only inappropriate for carnivores but are also dangerous. this is why it is so importnat to understand not only how food works with a cat's digestive system, but also what cat food is really made of.

when it comes to putting cats on diets we should look at it as a 3-legged approach. first, we must change the diet to a higher quality, meat-rich, low-carb food. second, the portion size should be decreased (calories in should not exceed calories out). third, exercise. this is where all those food calories should be going - to running, jumping and playing. using a fishing pole-type toy to lure your fat kitty into playing even fifteen minutes a day will help get him onto the path of health.

for some kitties who are highly food motivated, multivet has created the slim cat ball, that acts as an interacitve food dispenser. just fill it up with your kittie's favorite kibble, adjust the dispensing holes to fit the level of difficulty you're looking for, and let your cat spend an hour rolling it around and eating its meal piece by piece. (this also works really well for the scar-n-barf kitties who eat too quickly and vomit it all up). gabby madcat loves hers!

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And don't feed your cat Nutro!