Monday, May 11, 2009

rolcats and pee wine

we all love anthropomorphizing our kittehs, that's why lolcats is so hugely popular. but it must take a very special kind of brain to come up with the newest sensation in cat-related humor - rolcats. this site takes the familiar concept of lolcats, a funny picture of a cat saying funny, misspelled and grammatically incorrect things, and turns it on it's cyrillic head. russian lolcats imagines cute animals living under the iron fist of communism and questioning their own existence. if you like your humor with a twist of the absurd, this should be right up your alley.

in other news, it looks like one of the secret ingredients in new zealands prize-winning cabernet sauvighnon is cat pee. granted, it's only at parts per million level and is balanced with rock fruit and asparagus, but it's still a bit offputting. then again, if cat pee is really that good, maybe madcat can get into the wine-making business!

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