Tuesday, May 19, 2009

spider cat!

if you saw the simpsons movie last summer, you are probably familiar with homer's current best friend "spider pig." well now an enterprising cat in england named charlie is attempting to get in on the spider pig fame by doing his own version of the arachnid dance. the spider cat regularly climbs a vertical wall to re-enter his family home when no one will answer the front door.

"he then climbs up the balcony to get in. so charlie really goes out the front door and in the back door."

in behavioral news, we've stumbled on an article that gives some rather helpful advice on how to get your kitty to like petting and avoid that seemingly-unprovoked attack of the killer lapcat. it basically boils down to adjusting your own behavior to help increase your kitty's tolerance of stimulation by petting. be patient, calm, and above all, observant.

"by paying close attention to his body language as you slowly increase the amount of time during which he’ll calmly accept your attention."

and last, but certainly not least (he's huge!), we would like to remind you that sergeant pepper, the happy cat kitty, is still available and currently hanging out with dottie at the monroe st. store lounging around and rolling in catnip. he truly is one of the sweetest and most mild-tempered cats we've had here and would make a wonderful addition to any family. he is especially good with children and simply adores being pet. please help us give this big lover a second chance at a happy life.

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meagan - said...

love your blog! this is good for a laugh.... http://video.yahoo.com/network/100284668?v=5059802&l=3774740