Sunday, May 17, 2009

stuffed cats and pet insurance

first up, a funny story out of michigan where police ended up tazing a stuffed animal. apparently a hoax, someone placed a large, stuffed panther-esque animal into a drain pipe in a park and the local police responded by sending 10 officers to taze the scary beast. thankfully, the only tzer-related injury involved some burnt stuffing and not a sad kitty cat.

also in the news, pet insurance. health insurance for people is a hot-button issue right now, but so is the growing demand for affordable veterinary care for our pets. luckily, there are a few companies out there now who offer low-premium cat and dog health insurance policies (petcare is just one of these). these come in handy for those unexpected emergencies that can end up costing a small fortune. no one should have to choose between their pet's health and their house payment.

as you would do for yourself, shop around and find the best plan for the price that works for you. dental treatments are pricey so make sure you get that included. now keep your furrkids safe, happy and healthy!

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