Monday, June 8, 2009

vote for pedro! and dottie, gabby, lucy, morty & nikki

it's time to exercise your right to vote - the isthums' own "madison's favorites" poll is up and ready for you to decide who rules and who drools. voting is open until june 18 and you must fill out at least 20 categories or your ballot will be thrown out. as p diddy would say, "vote or die."

here's a typical conversation between a cat and her guardian. they always win don't they? it's the whiskers. they have powers.

here's some more sad news about the sicko in florida. the no kill nation needs to get cracking in the sunshine state.

peta has decided to respond to the public outcry at their euthanasia numbers in typical peta form - kneejerk reactions and hyperbole. this time with graphic photos! thanks peta, you are ever so helpful in teaching us how not to respond to criticism.

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