Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 3rd of July!

hip hip hooray! it's time to celebrate our nation's independence! in honor of all things patriotic, like, barbecues, fireworks and lawn chairs, we'll be closing at 4:00pm tomorrow. So come in early for your frozen yogurt and catnip rockets!

the oregonian woman, who is obsessed with rabbits, really needs to check out this site to see just how disappointed they are with her.

former presidential cat, the beloved socks, has been laid to rest back at the arkansas governor's mansion. now he can lounge on the back porch and wander the flower gardens he loved.

yay! "throughout New Jersey, forward thinking town officials are increasingly seeking to develop TNR programs to manage feral cats." 'nuff said.

this amazing dog
may have lost two legs, but his heart is twice as big. now we have to stop the puppy mills to ensure this never happens again!

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