Tuesday, July 7, 2009

krystal ball luk in2 it.....it sez "moar food!"

the pet communicators will be first to know when it is time to reinstate feline dominion over earth. also, when the food bowl is empty.

why was she taking her cat to the beach to begin with? please don't leave your pets in the car. they hate the heat even more than we do and fall victim to it much quicker.

another study tries to subvert our feline worship and fails. big time. "their actual utility is debatable, even as mousers." pshyeah, right!

the accused sicko has pleaded not guilty
, still most likely a psychopath.


mortymadcat said...

dude - my cat killed 3 mice tonite. they can mouse...

divallmr said...

I think that people are taking that study the wrong way. It is saying that cats chose us rather than the other way around, which I think is pretty cool. It shows how intelligent and cunning they really are. They've convinced us humans to keep them around even though we can't make them fetch things or tie them to carts.