Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cat ladies and lads

at what number of cats does one become a "cat lady"?

"The cat is officially out of the bag: according to a new survey from Ipsos and Tidy Cats, more than half of Americans sans cats believe that anyone with more than one feline at home is a "crazy cat lady."

herumph! those people obviously haven't bowed down to the greater species yet. their time will come.....

in other "crazy cat lady" stuff, there's now a board game to help with those cat-collecting urges. get more cats than your neighbor and you win!

...but wait, you can even play with your very own "cat lady" action figure! the fun never ends as you stuff those kittys in its pockets while she gives the world the old crazy eye.

...and with halloween just around the corner, you may even want to consider the cat lady costume! you can even wear it as your standard uniform if you're crazy enough!

1 comment:

porter said...

Cheryl has the crazy cat lady action figure!