Thursday, August 6, 2009

dottie begins her transformation into dottie-bot 2000

yesterday our little calico princess got microchippped. it was a relatively quick and painless procedure where a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, was inserted under the skin between her shoulder blades. while she didn't really enjoy it we think even dottie would feel good about the peace of mind the chip will bring to us. now, should she ever go off a wandering and end up in a shelter somewhere, a quick scan of her back will reveal the chip number which will lead the shelter workers to us. we had the chip implanted down at the dane county humane society where they take walk-in appointments during regular business hours.

if you have not had your pet chipped we definitely recommend it, and here's why:

a cat and his owner were recently reunited after three years. the miracle that brought them back together? that's right. a microchip!

nine years and 1,000 miles separated a dog, muffy, from her owner. they were only reunited when an aspca worker scanned muffy and located the information on her chip.

have questions? the hsus has answers.

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