Friday, August 14, 2009

dottiebot 2000, version 2.0 just arrived!

remember the missing african cat up by green bay? well, it was found hanging out in the office of a nearby warehouse. we'd like to hear that 911 call. "aw, there appears to be a cheetah in my office. help?"

sad news: the tallest dog has passed on. at over 7 feet at his tallest he was a giant among men.

everyone could use a nice mani-pedi every now and then. pro-tip: bribes and distraction always work best when it comes to clipping claws.

see how many of these "top 10 cutest cat videos" you can identify. we still love those treadmill kitties! if only we could get the store cats to do that.

a sicko in our own state: someone threw a dog off of a 30-ft. bridge in northwestern wisconsin. sick.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Dottie! We's yur fans. You helped Mom pick sum toys fur Nina's purrthday an we really apurrciate it.
Victor Tabbycat & Nina Torbie

BONNIE J said...

Maru is my favorite YouTube kitty: