Monday, August 31, 2009

kiki the happy kitteh

miss kiki is the newest happy cat to hit monroe st. she is one-year old, energetic and likes to give cuddles and kisses. she had a littler of kittens earlier in the summer and is now looking forward to starting a new life with a little less responsibility and lots more fun. stop in and giver her some love!

girls kept in backyard for years had ceramic cat collection, cat fancy magazines. kitties can be a comfort in even the saddest of situations. we hope they get to experience the love and understanding of a real kitty soon.

the comments on this story about rabies in a feral cat population show point pleasant, new jersey to be anything but pleasant.

the new movie, district 9, features a cat-food monopoly and aliens. surprisingly, alf is not involved.

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divallmr said...

I hope the new kitty doesn't get as fat as the other Mad Cat kitties. They are nice but they are way too big. I feel bad for them, they probably don't feel very well. :(