Thursday, August 20, 2009

thank you, madison!

well, we did it again: took first place in the isthmus' "madison's favorites" poll! grab a copy of the isthmus and check out the annual manual for a complete list of winners and a great pic of our very own gabby madcat. once again, thanks to all who voted for us. come on down to the king st. party next saturday and we'll celebrate!

now we are not saying this caused the crash, but joking about barbecuing a cat wasn't very nice, either.

why would anyone want to beat up a little dog? all animals deserve respect, even "ugliest dog" winners.

oh boy. peta's at it again and by "at it" we mean making a big stink. when will they learn?

even though we're not on the eastern seaboard, it's always good to be prepared for any kind of storm - caring for feral cats during a hurricane.

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