Monday, September 14, 2009

enrique es un gato loco!

happy cat spotlight: enrique! while he's no latin singing sensation, this guy is bound to make you swoon with his big green eyes. his back-story is a sad one: hit by a car, lacerated tongue, broken teeth, broken leg, the whole works. after a couple months of rest and recuperation, enrique is ready to start a new, happier chapter of his life. if you are interested in meeting him, head to the monroe st. store or contact happy cat.

people in san francisco are weighing in on the declawing debate.

judging animal intelligence with the point of a finger. while they don't mention cats, we know they understand. some are just too cool to care!

remember kiki, another happy cat kitteh? we have some very good news...she's been adopted! the crazy girl is home now with her new family, living it up and enjoying life after motherhood. we wish kiki and her adopter all the best!

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