Thursday, September 17, 2009

thinking outside of the box

we've always done things a little differently and it looks like our store-cats are following suit. dottie loves the new bergan lounger (made out of recycled paper!). though she can't be like all the other cats so she prefers it upside-down for it's optimal cuddle-friendly cubby hole. eh, we can't blame her. it does look cozy!

this cute video
is making the rounds on the interwebz - we like it not because the cat is drinking water from the sink (that's what they love!) but because he doesn't care how wet he gets while doing it!

the nerds over at geekologie have found another awesome robot/cardboard cat fortress. bonus! check out the name on said fortress. we are not alone!

the today show is having a "cutest cat" contest - we voted for all of them!

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