Tuesday, October 6, 2009

blessed be the cat

a congregation of thirty-nine dogs and one cat were blessed as part of the feast day of saint francis of assisi, the patron saint of animals. really though, all cats must be blessed. how else could they be this cute?

looks like little ghost isn't the only one who prefers riding under cars to riding in them. as the weather gets cooler, this is something to look out for. cold kitties think warm engine blocks are as good as any bed.

here are some cool pics of cats play-fighting as if they were in crouching tiger hidden kitteh.

the supreme court is back in session and hearing a case that may make visual depictions of animal torture as serious a crime as child pornography. this would prevent the distribution of videos of dog-fighting, off-season hunting, bull-fighting and other forms of torture and abuse. we think saint francis would approve.

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