Thursday, October 1, 2009

october can only mean one thing...

...dogtoberfest! if you love dogs, beer and 80s musical act 'the go-gos' you had better head on over to capital brewery saturday, october 10th. seriously, though. jane wiedlin? crazy!

a new york man is facing a year in jail for freeing a cat from a raccoon trap after it had been stuck there for two days. poor kitty.

nike is coming under some heat for providing admitted-dog-killer michael vick with athletic wear. though they have not officially endorsed him, the free gear certainly doesn't look good to us.

you simply must click through this slide-show of photos from buffy the cat's website. she's such a good sport for letting her guardians dress her up and pose her like that. what a doll! buffy the dentist is our fav.

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