Friday, October 9, 2009

the postman always squeals twice

you don't often hear of mail carriers being terrorized by cats. maybe they should start carrying catnip with them. a catnip kitty is usually a daze-y, lazy kitty.

more kitty-mail news! this poor guy was accidentally shipped across the country in a ups box. opening that box must have been quite the surprise for the chiropractic clinic.

a police officer shot at a playing pitbull because she thought it was attacking. this is why breed-bans are dangerous, they propagate fear.

more on the marine corp's breed ban that we mentioned on tuesday. it turns out that the marines in south carolina are using a team of ASPCA animal behaviorists to do their temperament testing yielding positive results. while the ban is still unnecessary and prejudicial this is one step back in the right direction.

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