Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kidneys, protein and professional BS

we get a lot of questions regarding protein intake for older cats with kidney problems. you are not alone. Kenneth C. Bovée, DVM from UPenn's School of Vet Med has a few thoughts about protein restriction as a method of managing kidney disease, an idea that continues to challenge our sense of nutrition and physiology.
"the continued existence of this false myth about dietary protein is an uncomfortable reminder of the lack of sophistication, lack of critical thought, and reliance on oversimplified and attractive dogma that persists in our profession"
as a not-so-junior cat with kidneys, i can tell you this is a little disconcerting. but why? he goes on...
"Marketing is aggressively aimed at veterinarians and owners alike. There is a profit motive for veterinarians to sell these diets. The public has a nutritional mania and preoccupation with diet in our society. Dietary change has assumed the status of medical treatment using such terms as intervention, maintenance, and correction. The profession and the public do not appreciate that advertising claims come without proof in the case of diets."
i'm not sure all of Dr. B's assessments were well received by the vet-food establishment, but here in catland, we just want the truth. it seems more and more vets (the ones we trust) are taking a similar view. check out our kidney health page for more resources on chronic renal failure (CRF), kidneys, and nutritional needs.

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