Friday, November 20, 2009

Miley and the litter king

as you are all surely aware by now, Miley is ok. how is this cat-related? well, i'll tell you. does your cat poop? everybody's cat poops. and when things work the way we like, they use a high-quality unscented litter that helps make all the bad smells go away.

well, who do you think puts that magic sand in those fancy jugs? it's not Miley Cyrus (though she is involved). it's Chris Romashko. and if MadCat is where people get their stuff, and refills are how they like it, then Chris is the undisputed king of litter. why? because he fills each and every jug. and while he fills those jugs he likes to listen to music. and the music he likes most guessed it - Miley Cyrus.

he is still a bit worried about Billy Ray, but it seems we're back on track to fill a lot of jugs today...

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