Tuesday, December 1, 2009

fancy felines and dapper dogs

have a dog with a serious case of mustache-envy? need a little tom selleck in your life? well, fret no more, doggie mustaches are no longer just wishful thinking. the future is here, and it's mustachioed. morty's a little jealous.

it's poinsettia season, folks. make sure you keep those, the holly, and all poisonous plants out of reach of curious kitties.

take a look at what is possible the best, and scariest, picture of a tiger ever. we'll have to try the meat-dangling photo trick with our fearless beast, miss nikki madcat.

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Kevin Kadow said...

Actually, Poinsettias are non-toxic.

Doesn't mean the cat won't kill the plant and then throw up (not that it takes much to get a cat to throw up), but eating a Poinsettia plant or two will not kill your cat or dog.

The berries from Holly or Mistletoe, if consumed in quantity, can be poisonous.