Monday, March 29, 2010

another endangered cat

no, not the feral cats of new jersey.  though they could be in trouble if some people don't see the light soon.

the flat-headed cat of south-eastern asia, one of the least-known species of wild cats and tiniest at only 3-5lbs, has been added to the endangered species list due to loss of habitat and increased distances between colonies preventing breeding. unfortunately, this is just another cat in a long list that is seeing its numbers decline across the globe in the wake of human activities.

interested in learning more about the various species of small wild cats, like the black-footed cat and the kodkod?  check out the international society for endangered cats.

don't some of them almost look like monkeys?  that must be where they got their goofy antics and jumping abilities.  good thing the whole poop-throwing thing stayed on the other side of the gene pool.

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