Monday, March 15, 2010

people for the execution and termination of animals

no jokes. no cute pics or funny stories. just another post on the horrible things peta has done under the guise of animal welfare.

the 2009 numbers are in. peta killed 97% of the 2,366 animals they "took in" last year, adopting out only 8. this is the same organization that called out president obama for killing a fly, and wants punxsutawney phil to replaced by a robot. if it wasn't so shockingly horrific it would almost be laughable. these people are sick. no wonder they want to stop no kill.

but where is the outrage by hsus and aspca? where are the news corps? why are celebrities still lending their names to a campaign of lies? why is peta still receiving millions in donations? when will it end?

no kill now!


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