Monday, April 12, 2010

be on the lookout for counterfeit frontline

the epa has issued a stop-sale on imposter frontline and advantage that has been illegally imported into the u.s.  counterfeit cartons of frontline and advantage have foreign label inserts and the applicators may not be the appropriate dosage which could be harmful to pets.

a couple of things to look for:
  • counterfeit packaging may contain orange colored bars on the back of the blister pack
  • foreign language, such as "usage veterinaire"
  • net contents in fluid ounces versus metric measure
  • dog size measured in pounds versus kilograms
rest assured that MadCat has the real deal; our frontline is both FDA and EPA registered and in the correct packaging. 

1 comment:

Annie said...

I think it is despicable for people to sell counterfeit Frontline Plus For Dogs especially since they know that it won't make a dog or cat better, but could actually make them more sick.