Friday, April 23, 2010

goose movement gains steam

the city of madison is still planning to kill 80-100 geese in warner park, but not without some vocal opposition  from residents.

now alderperson satya rhodes-conway has stepped up to the cause. she sent a letter (pdf file) to the parks commission, imploring them to reconsider their rash decision - this time, with input from the community:

"it is clear to me that our constituents, the people I represent on the City Council and that you represent on the Board of Parks Commissioners, are angry and upset, both about your decision and the manner in which it was made. I feel you owe it to the public to reopen the discussion in a public forum."

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zarinnie said...

The geese are one if the wonders of Wisconsin. They are amazing in flight and behavior. I can't tell you how many times I have stopped to watch and wonder. It is especially distasteful that a group in the state's capital city has taken a unilateral decision to kill the geese in a public park with the goal of saving the flying public.

Madison Parks: For Pete's sake! Think a little and act with sensitivity. There are other ways than mass slaughter. Or does somebody just fancy a chance to demonstrate their skills?