Saturday, May 8, 2010

** EXTRA ** P+G to buy Natura - TEOTWAWKI?

perhaps you've heard the news.  Proctor and Gamble (makers of Iams, Eukanuba, and Clorox bleach) have announced the aquisition of Natura Pet Products (makers of EVO, Innova, and California Natural).  by any measure this is big news.  Natura has long been one of the most trusted manufacturers in the US market and P+G has been one of the least.

concerns are many - production quality, ingredient selection, dealer relationships, etc.  perhaps the largest is simply trust.  we trusted Natura - EVO, Innova.  will we ever trust P+G? (follow jump)

i don't know.  in the short term, nothing will change about the foods.  that gives us all a chance to weigh our options and think about things.  luckily, the natural food revolution that Natura helped propel created space for many other high-quality foods such as Orijen, Fromm, and Core (Wellness).  if we look back we realize how the cycle started decades ago with Science-Diet and Iams (in their original forms) before they too were bought out and stripped-down.

there will always be great foods made by good people worth sharing with your cats and dogs.  we will continue to seek out those people and those foods to share them with you - just like we always have.  your input and feedback will always be what drives our selection.  people are talking.  what did you make of the news?

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