Friday, May 7, 2010

get the shed out

springtime is great, but unfortunately it brings with it a whole host of annoyances like allergies, shedding and the inevitable hair-mats.

here are some useful tips on how to cut down on all that hair and remove painful mats from even the most ornery of kitties:

  • an ounce of prevention is ... whatever. it will make your life and the life of your long-hair kitteh a million times easier if you simply brush their luxurious locks every day.
  • the right tools are key. you'll want to get something designed to work through the thick undercoat of long-haired cats.
  • if your fuzzy feline already has mats, it is possible to safely remove them by using a pick to patiently work through each mat. for anxious pets, try using a calming agent such as rescue remedy.
what if the fur is too far gone? stay tuned for a future post on how to give your mat-cat a chic lion cut for summer. 

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