Wednesday, June 2, 2010

get yer devious summer reading on

summer's here! anyone else get super ambitious and make a summer reading list? with june, july and august stretching out like forever in front of me, anything seems possible. i always vow to spend the humid summer mornings perched sophisticatedly in front of a coffee shop on state street, absorbing summer read after summer read.

definitely on my list this year - the devious book for cats. we just got it in at madcat and i have to read up on what my adorable little monstahs might be planning next. jump jump for a preview!

"has domesticity really been good for cats?" the foreword of the book asks. it lays out the point of the whole book - "the time has come to step out of the shadows and pull the proverbial strings in our households... [this book] contains all the information needed to regain control of your sovereign destiny." as if my cats didn't already rule my apartment...

and a whole chapter on boxes? completely necessary. the book reads like a "how-to" for cat life, with chapters such as "an illustrated guide to napping," "organizing an effective secret mission," "staring like a pro," and the vaguely named "getting away with it." the book even contains a guide on choosing the perfect gift for humans - birds, mice, insects, you get the idea.

so far the book looks super fun and i can't wait to sink my claws into it.

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