Tuesday, July 27, 2010

movin on up

'tis the season for moving in madison.  leases and u-hauls and packing, oh my.

cats love routine, so moving houses or apartments can be a nightmare for them. follow the jump for tips to ease the transition.

first, figure out when you're going to move your cats. one idea is to move your pet first. that way you won't have to worry about tripping over her while moving, or worse, accidentally letting her outside.

set up a sanctuary room in the new place. if you're short on space, a bathroom will suffice - least amount of furniture means the least amount of chaos. and make sure all the cat stuff is packed together - you wouldn't want to set up the litter box only to discover you forgot the litter.  let kitty hang out in this quiet space until you are settled.

calming agents go a long way in helping to ease these situations. a pheromone product like feliway sprayed in your cat's carrier and around the new place can help your cat relax. rescue remedy  and calming treats work from the inside out to de-stress.

another good idea is to make sure your cat has a collar with ID or a microchip with current information, just in case he were to get out in the new neighborhood and be disoriented.

above all, have fun!  don't worry, be happy.  it's hippie christmas!  now go find some neat stuff on the side of the road.

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