Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the cat and the wheelie bin

it's everywhere.  the story of the woman who  put a cat in a wheelie bin (that's fancy brit talk for garbage can) and all of the outrage that followed is hard to miss.  there's even a facebook group.

but why is this story so big?  the cat is ok.  the woman did a horrible thing, yes, but it was not a crime.  and isn't that what we should be more outraged about?  that it's so easy to throw a cat away and not be prosecuted for it?

i suppose what i hope to see come out of this is a new way of thinking about cats and an end to their status as "disposable" pets; ones that can be tossed to the shelter whenever we tire of them.  so if nothing else, let lola's story outrage you.  but focus that anger on the real crime - the deaths of shelter cats every day, everywhere.

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meagan - said...


the video on that news story of the woman throwing the cat away makes me physically ill.