Sunday, October 17, 2010

winograd on missouri's prop b

missouri's prop b is a great step one in the fight against puppy mills. but no kill champion nathan winograd asks, what about step two?

while winograd does support the legislation, he makes the very good point that the proposition itself does not contain any provisions as to what will happen to the dogs over the 50 dog per business limit.

"...they claim that puppy millers are going to voluntarily spay/neuter dogs and spend money on their lifetime care without any profit in it. that is an exercise in sheer self-delusion at best, and an intentional misrepresentation at worst. plan b, according to HSUS, means the dogs will go to “a humane organization” which simply means a missouri kill shelter. either way, the dogs are dead."

prop b is a good step. but more work must be done toward a no kill nation.

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