Monday, February 21, 2011

cool new stuff for dental health month

we're nearing the end of february.  some of you have probably been to your vet to take advantage of dental health month discounts on teeth cleaning and all that jazz.  now comes the home care.

to help with keeping those teefs nice and clean we've added two new dental products:

Clenz-a-dent and Maxi/Guard

if you have a mutt or moggy with killer death-breath you will definitely want to check out the maxi/guard oral gel.  two dabs of this stuff to each side of their upper gums and you will not only reduce inflammation but also get rid of the stink almost instantly.

the clenz-a-dent is another food-additive that is as easy to use as pouring kibble into a bowl.  just a scoop-full a day keeps the plaque and tartar away.  sprinkle on top of food and let it go to town.