Friday, July 27, 2012

introducing new toys by from the field

you know what's even cooler than working in a cat store? (btw we're hiring) when a cat toy company takes your idea and runs with it, creating a custom toy just for you and naming it after your cat.

madcatter meagan and her happycat oscar contacted from the field, purveyor of fine organic catnip goods and toys made out of all-natural materials. see, oscar loves their freddy feather wand but really only wanted to play with the cork-n-feather part of it. a few emails later and the oscar de la bird toy was born! made out of a super durable cork, oscar the cat sure had fun testing the prototype. don't worry. those feathers ain't coming out.

also new from FTF is the sammy's saturn, a durable cork on a hemp ring marinated in an herbal blend of catnip and valerian root. oscar also gave this one two non-opposable thumbs up. make sure you stop by and check them out!